Why We Are Different?

You already know what’s happening before the media do... of course you do.  You hear it first hand because you are on the ground and immersed in it.

Time passes; you might hear about it again digitally. A carefully crafted press release…

And finally, you might flick past it in print...

People do business with people.

Travel Insurance Insider delves into the personalities behind the dotted I's and crossed T's.

We look past the business card; the lanyard, and focus on what makes this industry so great... the myriad of personalities from all over the world, collaborating 24/7 to provide the best results possible for clients and customers.

We’re here to help you portray more than just the company tagline. We’re here to pass over the mundane and to delve into the heart and soul of the international travel insurance community – we are travel insurance insiders.