January 11, 2022

2022 - Year of the Tiger - Lets Hear You Roar

2022 - Year of the Tiger - Lets Hear You Roar
Photo by Kartik Iyer / Unsplash

After having been battered right left and center, by most predictions, it appears that finally the international travel industry looks set to bounce back in 2022...  

Following the two or so years of unprecedented disruption to international travel, where companies in and around the industry have at best managed to tread water; taken the time to focus on their internal infrastructures in readiness for a return to normal volumes; or at worst cut their loses and run, it appears that we are finally getting the well needed jab in the arm we as an industry so desperately required.

Early forecasting would appear to suggest that the travel starved public are not only booking at higher levels than in the "normal times" but are also spending at higher levels...

As well as this it would seem that as opposed to the standard "two weeks away in the summer", evidence suggests that on average people are booking multiple trips. Its no surprise that the wanderlust deprived are desperate to scratch that longstanding itch; and its fantastic news for everyone involved in the international travel industry.

We find ourselves coming out into the light, after two years in a darkened, hibernatory bunker, blinking into the spring-like sunshine and the time is now right to make hay...

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